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A multi-purpose microvenue in the heart of downtown Port Townsend, Wash.

821 Washington is Port Townsend's premiere micro-venue. Working in collaboration with PT Picnics, 821 Washington offers a clean and pristine multi-purpose event space, conveniently located in charming downtown.

There are 821 different ways to use 821 Washington, but here are a few of our favorites:

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Our mission is to create a thriving community gathering space that encourages creativity, holds space for collaboration, and rewards innovation among individuals, organizations, and small businesses of East Jefferson County. The space is able to accommodate multiple bookings per day, and our vision is to have a dynamic weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar replete with both public and private events. 


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821 Front Window

Our large street-facing windows will allow bright, filtered light into the space, draw in passersby, and give you the chance to be the star of Washington Street!

821 Restroom

Our trendy restroom is equipped with everything you'll need to keep yourself and your guests comfortable.

Meeting Table

Meetings include the use of our projector, speaker system, easels, and more!

Mixed-Use Space

Our space can accommodate a variety of events - even simultaneously!

Rear of the space

The back half of our space includes access to a commercial fridge, large kitchen sink, brand new dishwasher, and counter space. Our half-moon counter is on wheels: use it as a bar, cashier station, or buffet!

821 Window Party

PT Picnics can dress your party table in any color of the rainbow!

Meeting Table

Tired of sterile conference rooms? We are too. Meet in style, with crisp white tablecloths, chic water glasses and pitchers, and with everything you need close at hand.

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